Most Cyberattacks are Preventable.

Your People are your Strongest Defense

Most Cyberattacks are Preventable.

Your People are your Strongest Defense

The most cost-effective defense against cyber threats is an employee who knows how to avoid them. Unfortunately, the majority of staff do not.

Phishgoggles Security Awareness Service has reduced this risk by up to 75%.

Why so Effective?

Phishgoggle operates year round to make learning stick, and we manage everything for you:

  • Curated online education on the most common, dangerous and emerging cyber threats
  • Micro modules available to employees 24/7 that are not disruptive to business
  • Continuous phishing to assess employee progress
  • Participation and performance tracking that prove its effectiveness
  • Staff notifications that remove the burden from HR, Communications or IT

Lasting Behavioral Change

Security awareness is a state of mind that develops over time when learning is continual and reinforced. This principle is at the core of the Phishgoggles Security Awareness Service. Our process is designed to make awareness second nature for lasting behavioral change.

The security awareness training has had a lasting impact. To this day, (staff) are forwarding emails to ask if it’s safe. From a personal standpoint, it has also become a plus. They are more cautious now.”
Harvey Agency

Don’t have the resources to manage another training program?

No need. Phishgoggles is designed for organizations that can’t afford the time, manpower or cost to manage a program themselves – and it works.

See how it works. See why it works.
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